Understanding the Psycho-Emotional Roots of Disease...

Doctors have pondered the connection between our mental and physical health for centuries. ... Today, it is scientifically proven that our mind and body are intrinsically connected Research in the field of mind-body medicine is finding that emotions and thought patterns can contribute to imbalances within the body, and Life Coaching, Mindfulness, healthy eating and regular exercise are being used to reestablish balance and promote health.

When unhappy due to a long-term illness, an accident, a bad injury or a trauma, we spiral down to feeling low, demotivated and even depressed. When I lost my dad to cancer two years ago, I lost my identity and my "joie de vivre" for quite a while. I lost all motivation to stay active, to work, to socialise…in other words to have fun and live my life! I started feeling really down and trapped, with no way out. With the help of a professional Life Coach as well as my own coaching skills, regular exercise and sports massages, I bounced back to health and realised what a slippery slope the whole experience had been! Having managed to get back on track, I now want to help others who have experienced traumas and are struggling to keep their head "out of the water"

I am a professionally qualified Life Coach based in the Pinner area and a professional Sports Massage Therapist and Reflexologist. My love of coaching comes from 17 years’ experience of coaching people back to emotional and physical health through Sports massage, Reflexology and Mindfulness. Over the years, I have helped many clients bounce back to health and happiness by designing a bespoke coaching and exercise programme and have achieved amazing results. Whatever your aspirations for 2018, be it to get back on track with exercise after injury, illness or a trauma, to shift few pounds, to stay toned, to feel better and more confident in your skin, or even to prepare for a marathon, I can help! As a qualified and experienced Sports Massage Therapist, Reflexologist and Confidence & Health Coach, I will share powerful coaching tools and techniques to keep your level of self-belief and motivation up to achieve your goals and/or I will “fix” you with a sports massage or a reflexology session and stretching techniques, whenever injury occurs. Together, we will design a bespoke step-by-step programme that will suit your needs and aspirations whilst being realistic.

But do not take my word for it, please contact me on

07803 126 487 or at anne@bouncebackcoaching.co.uk for a FREE 30-minute consultation to discuss your goal and how best to help you bounce back!

If you feel like it, please read my “bouncy” story at www.bouncebackcoaching.co.uk

“The groundwork for all happiness is good health.” – Leigh Hunt

Anne x

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