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I am on a mission to empower teens through life's unexpected, uncertain and unwanted challenges

Anne Nola


How it

all began

 Hello!  My name is Anne Nola. I was born in France and spent the first 25 years of my life studying and growing up there. For years, as a youth, I was under the wrong impression that my dad preferred my brother, wanted to spend more time with him, enjoyed his company more than mine and found him more clever and interesting than me. As a result, I lost all my self-confidence trying desperately to impress him, to please him, to show that I also was worth spending time with, but to no avail. My mind chatter kept telling me all sorts of negative, disempowering stories and I kept looking for evidence of my beliefs. Over time, I lost all my self-confidence and started withdrawing as I felt not "good enough". As you can imagine, this had a very detrimental impact on my relationship with my dad as I started resenting him and blaming him for how I felt. I very much felt like a victim and thought I would have this feeling forever. Such destructive spiral carried on well into my teenage years, twenties, thirties and early forties until I reacted and thought I needed to break that awful pattern to be a strong role model to my children and learn to connect with my dad by changing my own mindset. Seeking help from a professional Confidence Life Coach turned my life around, I gradually understood that all my beliefs were just beliefs and not based on facts; if I wanted to get closer to my dad, I could not be the victim but, instead, very much take the matter into my own hands and do some heavy mind-shifting work to get closer to him. As my Coaching progressed, I became closer and closer to my dad, being able to talk to him and explain how I had felt all those years. He was surprised and saddened I had been feeling this way, but very much wanted that connection with me too. He confirmed that he had always found me intelligent and interesting but thought that I wasn't too interested in spending time with him. My dad admitted that his connection with my brother was mainly based on talking about football and other boys' stuff, nothing emotional. For two years after doing all this work and before he sadly passed away, I had the best relationship with my dad and this made all my hard work so worth it! My aim by becoming a Confidence Life Coach was to empower youngsters and adults to stop letting the wrong limiting, negative beliefs interfere with their life and happiness. I wasted many years believing thoughts that were not real, please do something about yours so that you do not waste any more time! Let me help you take your happiness into your own hands, only you can do that but the rewards are tremendous and so empowering! Whatever the reason you need help for, there is a light at the end of that long tunnel, I will happily guide you to it with praise, kindness, reassurance and empowerment (oh yes too!). 

How it all

began . . . 

My Journey

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Walking the Talk



I am a professionally qualified Life Coach specialising in Confidence, in Youth and adults, based in the Pinner area and a professional Sports Massage Therapist and Reflexologist. My love of Coaching comes from 20 years' experience of coaching people back to emotional and physical health through Sports massage, Reflexology and Mindfulness.

From my own positive Coaching experience, I moved forward and realised that this was a fantastic opportunity to help teenagers, men and women going through a similar crisis of confidence or direction in their lives. I decided to embark on a new challenge, enrolled on a Life Coaching Diploma with the market leader in coaching, The Coaching Academy.

                         A year later, Bounce Back Coaching was born.

Over the years of Coaching, I have found it a real pleasure and privilege to witness the transformation that my clients go through from Coaching and the changes they achieve in their lives as a result.


My Coaching style is warm, perceptive, supportive and challenging (with a pinch of humour) and if you’re willing to invest in yourself and prepared to work hard then Confidence Coaching is for you!


“It’s never too late to be what you might have been” George Eliot


Are you ready to . . . 

Explore – This gives you an opportunity to explore and understand your strengths, skills, passions and core values as they relate to both your work and your life


Dream – This phase allows you to be creative and resourceful to create new possibilities

Discover – This final phase is focused on your chosen path. It involves creating an action plan to move towards whilst building your confidence and self-belief to achieve it

With my help, you will . . . 

Become aware of your core driving values and challenge your limiting beliefs


Understand why your current situation isn’t right for you and what you are aiming for instead.


Built the confidence you need and take your first steps to changing your life.

Be excited to be working towards a whole new project, have a vision and a plan.

Happy Customers

Anne is a natural healer of body and mind and I always found her company soothing. At the end of our sessions together, I felt that I had a better understanding of where my anxieties came from and with the tools Anne gave me, I feel that I have now the power to control them. She has had a remarkable impact on my life!


Anne's coaching has enabled me to gain back the confidence I once had. From our very first session, I felt more empowered and felt the difference in my attitude towards my job and my personal life. Anne's coaching has given me the tools to deal with issues and see things from a different perspective. I have come out from each session feeling more positive and, by taking action, I feel more in control of my life.

Dharmini, mum of a daughter 18 and a son 13

From the very first coaching session, I felt very comfortable sharing my personal life situation with Anne. Through challenging some of my beliefs, she helped me get back on track and prioritise my main goal. Anne always provided me with plenty of praise and encouragement which motivated me even more to take action. Anne has so much enthusiasm that I would leave each session with much more positivity. This has enabled my confidence to grow and my anxiety levels to drop. As a result, I now know I can embrace change and face any challenge!

Jasmin, mum of two boys 17 and 13

Calling Anne for the free consultation was the best thing I ever did. Like many of us, I thought I could deal with my lack of self-confidence on my own and I didn't have the budget to be coached. I am glad I did not listen to my internal thoughts, I am a transformed woman and mum!

Diana, mum of one daughter 13

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Diploma in Life Coaching with The Coaching Academy (Merit) 

CPD Behavioural Coaching

CPD Confidence Coaching

CPD Recovery Coaching

CPD Coaching in Addictions


Youth Mental Health First Aider (MHFA England)

ITEC Sports Massage Therapy and Nutrition Diploma.

VTCT Level 3 Diploma Reflexology


Full member of I.P.T.I therapists insurance scheme

Insured with Professional Coaching Cover

"The longest relationship you will ever have is with yourself so look after yourself, love yourself, be  proud of yourself and believe in yourself. Work with me and bounce back to self-confidence to achieve your dreams. If it is important to you, you will find a way. If it is not, you will find an excuse"