Coaching outcomes are created by the client and it is up to the client to meet their outcomes. As your Coach, if I ever say or do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable then please say so at the earliest opportunity.


All my work is confidential and I follow a professional code of ethics as set out by The Coaching Academy.


I am in regular supervision.



Full payment due at the start of individual sessions and block of coaching sessions. 


Sessions can be paid for individually, subject to agreement.




Up to 24 hours notice is required or a session fee will be charged in full.

POSTPONEMENT   - There is no charge if a session is postponed up to 24 hours ahead.

CANCELLATIONS OF WORKSHOPS OR COURSES Up to 7 days notice: 50% of fee due. Less than 7 days notice: Full fee due. POSTPONEMENT No charge, subject to mutually agreed new date within 12 months. Invoice due as per original date.



A minimum requirement of 8 participants is required for each course. A working agreement is sent to the course commissioner – please ask to see a copy of this.





Bounce Back Coaching will use the information you provide when requesting information for our internal purposes. Bounce Back Coaching will not sell your information or share it with outsiders. Bounce Back Coaching respects your privacy and the confidentiality of your information. Bounce Back Couching does not sell lists or generate any third party revenue from your information. If you would like further information on such use, or do not wish your information to be used in the manner outlined above.

If you have any other questions about these Terms & Conditions please Contact me.