You Matter! (Part 3) - Life is beautiful...and so are YOU!

Simple, pleasurable steps to stay happy and healthy!

On Friday, I had an important choice to make: either rush to pick up my teenage daughter from school or allow myself a short tea break with a book, whilst she would walk back from school. Two years ago, my guilt mind chatter would have said to me “Don’t be selfish, your poor daughter will be tired after her long day at school and will not feel like walking for half an hour”; I would have forgotten about the “ludicrous” idea about having some me time (for a change!) and driven to her school, facing other angry/frustrated parents who, like me, could not be bothered to be there but felt they had to! Well, guess what! I opted for the “ludicrous” idea and enjoyed a nice cup of tea with my fascinating book and mindfully enjoyed the moment. By the time my daughter came home, I felt relaxed, contented and available for her as I had had my “me” time. We had a lovely chat about her school work and what plans we had for the weekend and both felt connected and happy. As we were chatting away, I could not help imagining how different the situation would have been, had I chosen to deny myself this little pleasure, putting her needs before mine (which is something I used to do all the time, by the way!): Apart from being resentful, I know I would have been annoyed at myself, angry even for letting my guilt control me yet again. In the past, this feeling used to affect my health as I often had backache, headaches, felt lethargic and quite down; it is scientifically proven that our state of mind has a strong impact on our emotional and physical health. Overtime, I used to feel totally trapped as the people pleaser in me would always win! As well as a Health & Confidence Life Coach, I am an experienced Sports Massage Therapist and Reflexologist and have helped many clients to bounce back to emotional and physical health by identifying what they aspire to in life and turning their dreams into reality, without letting their loved ones down. I am only a FREE Discovery Call away so please, take that first little step towards happiness and health and give me a call on 07803 126487 or email me at Don’t wait until the New Year to become a New Healthy You, no time like the present to cherish your body and mind!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I am off to my Pilates class!

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