"Low self-confidence isn't a life sentence. Self-confidence can be learned, practised, and mastered--just like any other skill. Once you master it, everything in your life will change for the better."

Barrie Davenport

What is Confidence Coaching...

We all know that change can be uncomfortable. In fact so much so, that we may tend to stick within our comfort zone even if it doesn’t feel good - rather than stretch ourselves a little bit in order to step into our potential. Having doubts about your capabilities to complete your degree, everything you could offer an employer at the end your studies or your impact at work or in your daily life is something that happens to us all at times. However, if your lack of confidence is affecting your ability to do your studies, your career potential, your job or your life outside of work; then it’s time to do something about it.

Having been through it myself, not only whilst studying for a Business and Languages Masters back in 1990 (yes, I am an old goat!) but also, facing the transition out of University once I graduated in 1992. During my studies, I often felt I lacked the confidence and/or motivation to keep going to achieve high grades and struggled with the pressure of my relatives' expectations. Once I graduated in 1992, I had such low self-confidence and self-belief that the prospect of entering "adult life" panicked me even more and stopped me from applying for the jobs I aspired to (and I was qualified for!). I felt I could not offer employers anything. Having experienced this feeling of inadequacy, I know how difficult it is to position yourself as a strong candidate before and during interviews if you lack the confidence to do so. And yet, often this is what makes the difference between getting the job you apply for or not!

Nowadays, students face even tougher challenges as numerous candidates will have studied very hard to achieve high grades and realise that many others have done the same.


How can you then shine and stand out? With my help, you will! We will delve deeper into the root cause of your lack of self-confidence and you will soon discover how I, a Confidence Coach, can help with confidence building. We will also use a number of coaching tools and techniques than can enable ‘quick wins’ in boosting your self-belief. As a result, you will not hold back!

The world is your oyster, do not let limiting beliefs interfere with your DREAMS!

How can coaching improve your self-confidence and self-belief?

Life Coaches come equipped with the tools and techniques to help you develop your confidence and self-belief. Confidence coaching is designed to help you raise your self-image and create a positive outlook on life, starting from within. Life coaching may be able to help you challenge your beliefs that you have about yourself, boost your self-esteem and help you build a strong and positive self-image.

If you truly believe in yourself, so will others. Deeply ingrained confidence and self-worth will make life more enjoyable, exciting and satisfying.

Areas I can help you with...

  • Transition into and out of University

  • Cope with stress of exams and/or pressure to excel

  • Overcome fear of failure

  • Explore the true reasons behind school refusal

  • Feel more confident on a daily basis & believe in yourself

  • Handle challenging situations and people

  • Communicate effectively at all levels

  • Step into your stretch zone

  • Change your perspective and break-free from limiting beliefs


                                                                                                                            Oak Lee Nursery (Pinner) Coaching Workshop

So, if you'd like to take control and make change happen this year, contact me for a discovery call today on 07803126487. Remember, it's free!

Oak Lee Nursery Workshop1.jpg
Oak Lee Nursery Workshop1.jpg

confidence booster programme prices  (one to one)

  • We will work together on a one to one basis over a period of a few months, on building your self-confidence and self-belief in the area that is relevant to you

  • X1 90 minute coaching session to establish what confidence means to you and challenge your limiting beliefs whilst eliciting your core driving values

  • X5 60 minute confidence booster coaching sessions on a monthly basis to help you step into your stretch zone (you will have access to very powerful coaching tools and exercises that will transform your life!)

  • X2 30 minute catch up calls or Skype to keep track of your achievements and/or questions in between coaching sessions

  • X1 30 minute overall coaching review session to assess your progress and keep your levels of motivation high for the future 

  • Email support throughout


  • You will gain the confidence to think clearly – challenge those limiting beliefs.

  • You will gain the confidence to have your needs met – discover what they are

  • You will gain the confidence to enjoy the present – in order to create a brighter future


The "Confidence Booster" Package £570 (instead of £650, a discount of £70)

The "Confidence Booster" 12-session package (for a dig deeper and life-changing result!) 

costs £1,250 (instead of £1,350, a discount of £100)

Happy Customers

I have come out of each coaching session with Anne feeling more empowered to take action and be in control of my life. Anne's coaching has enabled me to gain back the confidence I once had. She gave me some powerful tools to deal with issues with more confidence and see things from a different perspective.

Dharmini, Accountant

When I met Anne, I was looking to get back to work after a lengthy career break to raise my children. I lacked direction and self-confidence to make an effective progress. Anne helped me to analyse my skills and to evaluate my short and long-term goals. She provided me with the necessary tools and helped me with strategies to improve my self-confidence. We agreed upon timely action plans empowering me to take the necessary steps towards achieving my goals. Anne has assisted me tremendously whereby I feel better equipped to embark on this new stage in my life. Thank you Anne! 

Kalpna, Lawyer

I undertook Confidence Coaching with Anne.  It was her empathetic, warm and friendly approach to my individual circumstances that gave me the confidence to set my own goals and carry them out!  Stepping out of one’s comfort zone is never easy, and it’s probably not a good idea to completely jump out of it in one go.  Anne helped me to gradually understand where and when to step out using a practical and logical approach to achieve certain milestones.  I found these worked almost instantly, and if they didn’t at first, Anne and I worked together to carefully tweak certain techniques so they worked in a given situation.  Anne has armed me with a wonderful array of pragmatic, ‘confidence boosting’ methods that I will never forget.  Anne’s passion, vitality and dedication to her clients is clear to see, and it’s easy to see why I came out of those insightful sessions feeling completely determined to implement change (as well as joyful – Anne’s energy and approach to life is inspiring!).  I couldn’t recommend her more as a Life Coach – as we go through life, you meet very few people who so intuitively know what you need and so patiently help you achieve your goal- whilst making sure that you are always playing an active role in your own development. 

Thank you, Anne =)

Nihal, Student

Anne's coaching has provided me with the skills to maintain and grow my self-confidence. From the first session, I felt energised and excited to do the things I wanted to do and face the things I couldn't previously face. What is great about these sessions is that you learn a lot about yourself, your motivations and true goals. I learnt what I truly wanted, and how to achieve it.

Anxiety and fear will always creep up but Anne has taught me how to address and handle these obstacles without compromising who I am. I feel more like myself and I am excited to progress and grow, using the techniques, practices and guidance that Anne has given me. Every session is personalised to what you want and who you are, Anne is great at creating a plan that works for you. I feel very lucky to have found her wonderful coaching.

Tanika, Student at UCL

Anne helped me explore what steps I needed to take to set up my new business. Before I started seeing her, I was very overwhelmed and could not go past my lack of self-confidence. Anne kindly challenged the limiting beliefs interfering with my goal and helped me regain my self-belief. I was then able to get back on track and take action!

Catherine, Website Designer

I am very impressed by Anne's professionalism, combined with a high level of warmth and empathy.

During each session there was a good mix of practical exercises, together with helpful challenging of beliefs and behaviour patterns. One of Anne’s many strengths is her ability to build trust and rapport, allowing her to explore relevant issues sensitively. I always felt very well supported, whilst still pushed outside of my comfort zone in a productive way.

Gilly, Charity Manager

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