Youth resilience coaching

For the young people who struggle with the pressures of life at secondary school and beyond


If you are a parent and feel helpless seeing your son or daughter struggle with academic and social pressures that you have zero influence or control over, one of the best things you can do is seek out a strong role model and mentor for your teenager or young adult. I have a natural empathy that kids and young adults gravitate to and relax around. I am a qualified Life Coach with a proven tool-kit, perspective-shifting exercises and practices to help youngsters get to know themselves better – so they improve the way they approach personal and academic/work challenges.


How can Life Coaching help your teen?

  •  Greatly increased self-confidence and self-esteem

  •  Easily let go of anxieties, doubts and worries

  •  Be relaxed with their peers, thus developing more and better friendships

  •  Overcome nervousness in exams and other performance situations

  •  Be far better at handling the challenges of growing up

  •  Learn life skills and thought patterns which will serve them well for decades

  •  Realise their true potential

  •  Have real inner strength and self-belief

  • Be more focussed and motivated

  •  More optimistic and determined

  • Replace self-doubt with positive self-talk

  • Inner peace, simply happier in their own skin

  • Implement positive habits such as healthy eating, time management and exercise

  • …and much more


While the adventure of growing up can be a wonderful and exciting time, young people, as well as adults, can experience difficulties in life.

The teenage years can be a strange and difficult time for everyone involved. During this time, the family dynamic can change dramatically. Teenagers begin to fight for their independence and parents fight to maintain control.

Every young person can respond to difficulty in life differently. Where one child may express their thoughts and feelings, another may act out. A young person going through stress may repress their emotions; their behaviour may start to change as they may not feel they have anyone to talk to.

When going through these changes, it is important to let your child know you are there for support. However, they may not feel confident enough to discuss their issues with you. This is where a youth coach can help – they are an impartial source of support who can listen and understand the challenges your child is facing.


As a Youth Resilience Coach and a mother, I really understand teenagers (I have two teenage children of my own, an 18-year-old daughter and a 16-year-old son so I know what you may be going through!). I work with the young person to identify their needs and discuss their concerns and act as the support beside them while they jump the hurdles toward a stable future. While some will need their hand held throughout the journey, others may only need to be pointed in the right direction. I get them to open up and share with me their problems quickly through coaching. I work with young people on their level and tailor each session to their needs, learning type and personality. I get to the heart of their problem with speed and empower them to make some positive life changes. The children see me as a Mentor who provides a neutral, safe and confidential space for them to talk and has some great ideas to make their lives happier.


there are so many benefits to youth 


  • To help them see they can change a situation where they are unhappy

  • To help them fully understand the situation they are in

  • To help them see that they are the only person responsible for their own actions

  • To empower them to make positive changes in the way they act, think and feel

  • To develop essential life skills that they need to get on in life

An indirect and additional benefit of life coaching children is raising a child’s self-esteem and confidence. When an adolescent sees that they are able to change one area of their life it makes them realise they are capable of making significant changes in other areas.

I also find that having a trustworthy outsider for a teenager to talk to can be very beneficial especially if the problem is family-related.​

                 the way I work with youngsters

Before my first session with an adolescent, I always have a discovery session with the parents and the child or teenager, so I know what issues they would like me to address. With this in mind, in the first session, I always ask the child what they would like to talk about. I feel it is important to address what is on the child’s mind first before going onto the parents' agenda. The ‘parents issue’ is still addressed but later in the coaching process. The young person may say the same issue as the parent and if they do then we start troubleshooting the problem immediately.

In the life coaching sessions, I use worksheets, and discussion to establish the problem and find out what the adolescent would like to happen instead. Together we set a goal and look at ways of achieving it. We evaluate the teen’s ideas and they choose the most achievable and realistic option for them to get the result they want. This solution may not necessarily be the preferred route for the parents, but by letting the teen find an answer to their problem they will feel empowered and in control of the situation, which in turn will raise their self-esteem.

My sessions are lively, interactive and supportive. I help the adolescent and young adults think creatively. I don’t just sit and listen to what they are saying but I ask questions, challenge the youngsters (kindly) to help them verbalise their thoughts and feelings once they have pushed limiting beliefs aside. I see the whole young person not just for the issue they are coming to see me about and address anything I pick up on through their verbal or non-verbal communication.


 Benefits to Parents

As a parent, you probably worry about your child (whatever their age). You may wonder if they are happy and hope they are doing well at school, University or work. You take comfort in the idea of them having a nice group of friends to support them through the journey. But what if they don't, what if they are alone?

It can be difficult as a parent, as sometimes despite your worry, teenagers and young people simply do not want to discuss their personal lives. After all, they are trying to break free and grow up, while a part of you wants to hold on. Teens and young people have every right to keep secrets but, as a parent, this can be distressing. If you want your child to receive support, yet believe that you are not the right person to give it to them, one solution can be to hire a youth coach.

Youth Coaches do not aim to stand in as parents, teachers or friends. They are there to offer impartial, trustworthy support without any judgement. A Youth Coach can give a young person the chance to vent freely and confidentially about anything they want. This may include school and family life, friends or anything else that happens to be on their mind.


                      the coaching setting

I work from my home in North West London so that young people feel relaxed in a comfortable family environment. I also do Zoom coaching if your child is unable to visit me for geographical reasons. Zoom is a great, flexible way to resolve your child’s issues from the comfort of their own home and it is just as effective.

                the duration of the sessions

My face to face and Zoom sessions are weekly unless you state a preference otherwise. The face-to-face sessions last 60 minutes (except for the Intake session - first session - which lasts 90 minutes). The sessions are at the young person’s pace and I am able to tackle the main problem the child has in the first session. There is no average when it comes to how long I will see a child however 95% of the children that I see will have at least 6 sessions. Please see my Confidence Booster package for process and rates.

                                 age range

Typically I work with children aged 12 years old through to teenagers and young adults.


All my sessions are confidential unless a child gives me permission to discuss our conversations with their parents or they have disclosed something to me that I need to pass onto Social Services. Most children are happy for me to talk to their parents between sessions. It not only allows me to make the parent aware of how their child wants to solve the problem but the parent knows what changes they can expect to see. With the parent on my side, they can talk to the child about their emotional and behavioural progress and encourage them to keep going with changing their actions/thoughts/beliefs.

Last but not least, I am DBS checked for your peace of mind!





"Anne has helped me in so many ways that I can imagine !!! She has always delved in so deep into the problems and issues I have with myself and tried to fix them with so many different resources. They have been so interactive as well as useful for me. There are videos and sheets and various exercises she gets you to look at with any specific problem you have and it has helped so much. Targeting each worry I have she has definitely made me feel better about myself. She is also the nicest and most patient person and has helped me with everything I shared and has been so caring. This has made my coaching sessions with Anne so  helpful  as a result!!!!"

Joshini, Year 12

"When my mum first told me that I was going to have a Life Coach I was so confused to why I would need therapy… well a Life Coach is nothing like therapy. The first day I got on the zoom call with Anne I was confused on how she would be able to help me. But having Anne as a Life Coach is something that really changed my life for the better. Anne has helped me become confident, to believe in myself and has shared many powerful coaching exercises that taught me that speaking positive things to yourself makes your mindset change for the better. And I can say it has. I see life in such a more positive way and I learned that through the struggles we all go through we grow and there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Tough times never last. What I love the most about Anne is how she really listens to what I have to say and you give the right guide moving forward…one of the main things I will always carry with me in life that you taught me is the word “ABRA”. Thank you Anne for everything you have done and continue to do for me I appreciate you more than you could ever know as you have done so much for me by giving advice, guidance, encouraging me, believing in me and for always telling me it will be alright".

Nia, Year 10

"From the very first of my 18 coaching sessions with Anne, I felt and appreciated her calm and patient approach. During the discussions we had, I was able to realise and explore some of my thoughts and behaviours which in turn allowed us to work on how to break down some of the unhelpful barriers I had created for myself. This really helped me build confidence in general but specifically regarding the confidence I had in my own abilities, which ultimately helped me successfully apply and interview for new jobs. Anne has taught me many key tools that I now use to be self-sufficient and to perform more confidently during my everyday life"

Young Professional

"Before my sessions with Anne, any other help I tried to get was never helpful and so when I started my time with her, I was instantly hopeful that it would be beneficial to me because after the first session, I had felt as if it had already helped me with the things I needed help with. Before talking to Anne I wasn’t even able to order my own drink in a café or buy my own things at shops without having someone else doing it for me due to my social anxiety but Anne has helped and taught me ways to feel more confident that now I am able to do things for myself in the busiest places! She also has helped me find ways to look at the positive things about myself rather than the things I don’t like which has really helped my self-confidence. I can't thank her enough because I truly feel like a new and more confident person and the changes I made over only a 6-session-course have really impacted my every day life to be much better and more comfortable. Anne doesn’t say the things you want to hear or the stereotypical things people say that are unhelpful, she goes through several techniques and gives proper solutions which I didn’t know even existed before her".

Year 12 Student

"Anne was recommended by a friend at my daughter’s school . Ana (my daughter) was having low self - esteem issues at school. She used to have difficulties with maths (a type of blockage) which was something that used to trigger such low self-esteem).I believe that something may have happened  in the past at school causing this damage.  After being quite worried for a while as a parent with a child just about to go to secondary school, my husband and I decided to look for help. Anne was a key to help Ana with her issues. After a few sessions, I can say that my child’s mind and behaviour changed greatly! I never thought (to be honest) that would happen so quickly. Ana’s report from school says  that the teachers are really happy that she found her confidence and she is now the best in her maths' set. She was also appointed to be class rep which she proudly accepted! Thanks Anne, you were a real blessing in my daughter’s life 🙏"


"Over my sessions, Anne has been great in helping me gain confidence, especially in social situations. I’m able to contribute and do much more, socially, without my anxiety. Not only has Anne helped me overcome aspects of my anxiousness, she has also given me useful coping techniques such as breathing exercises , quotes, and affirmations. These are really useful especially in everyday life. Thank you so much, my sessions were so amazing, fun, and useful! :)"

Freya, Year 11

"I am 15 years old and I started having friendship issues and was dealing with challenging bullying type of behaviour at school.

I thought I could deal with the issues I was facing and didn’t think I needed counselling but I’m so glad that my mum arranged for me to have coaching sessions with Anne. Anne was very easy to talk to and immediately made me feel comfortable. The sessions with Anne helped me regain my confidence and self-esteem.  She has given me tools that I can use in the future. I feel much more positive.

Even though the sessions have now finished, Anne still very kindly checks in on me regularly."

 Year 11 Student

"Anne’s coaching style is very friendly and comforting. In my last year of A levels, I felt very stressed and anxious about exams and moving forwards in my life afterwards. I had very low self-esteem, motivation and a lack of belief in myself to succeed.  Through her sessions, I was able to get a much clearer picture of my strengths and abilities as a person and realise that I have so much potential to achieve things in the future. As a result, it has allowed me to build up confidence in myself and challenge myself while not going out of my comfort zone.  Anne has also helped me to develop an optimistic mindset in difficult situations to overcome barriers such as fear and anxiety"

Marcos Duche Ron, Year 13

"My 11-year-old daughter was struggling with the transition to high school manifesting itself in panic attacks with intense anxiety levels then refusing to go to school altogether! 

Although the school and GP had listened and were trying to be helpful and put support measures in place there was somehow a gaping hole in support for 11-13-year-olds in our area. Things seemed to get worst for her with ever-growing anxiety and this is when one of my closest friends saw an advertisement about workshops Anne was running locally - however as 11-13 years seems to be a difficult age range to get support for these workshops were aimed at older teens I thought I would call Anne to see if she offered anything for younger Tweenies.  This was one of the most beneficial phone calls ever! Immediately, I warmed to Anne and we agreed to meet for a free consultation.  I remember leaving that meeting with a warm glow and thinking everyone needs an "Anne" in their life! 

My daughter took on a six-session plan with Anne and immediately we noticed signs of our happy daughter emerging back.  We have just completed the six sessions and I can not thank Anne enough for helping our lovely girl find herself and her confidence again. She is so much stronger, happier and today achieved the Head of Year Award out of 180 students along with drama and sports awards every single one of her teachers says she is a shining star and recognised her struggles!  She had an outstanding end of year report and to think 6 months ago we had a huge fight to get her into school at all just seems incredible"


"Anne is a brilliant Coach who enabled me to step out of my comfort zone and begin to feel and act more natural in social settings. Instead of bottling up emotions, I am able to share my thoughts with my friends and family, and use my support network to deal with problems. Anne has enabled me to be more confident and use different techniques to alleviate negative thoughts. I would highly recommend Anne to anyone in a similar situation" 

"We were introduced to Anne through a mutual friend and how glad we have been.

Anne is everything we needed and more. My daughter had been suffering with low self-esteem and anxiety issues for a number of years and Anne has provided the support and care she needed. She has helped her to feel safe and secure in a homely environment and this encouraged her to open up and share her worries. Anne has used different coaching methods to help my daughter, tailoring it to her needs. It has helped her to build her self esteem and reduce her anxiety. Coaching with Anne has really helped my daughter to achieve things we didn't think she would. Anne has been so encouraging and positive and her passion for what she does is infectious. I would highly recommend  Anne's Coaching"


"My son was in year 10 when I first took him to meet Anne.  He was constantly getting in trouble at school. He was restless and found it hard to stay focused. He was reluctant at first as I’d taken him to other professionals and he felt they weren’t helping him and refused to return to any sessions with them.  He continued to go to her and he has really turned a corner in year 11. He’s had an amazing first term at school hasn’t got into trouble.  I feel Anne was great with him with her encouragement, praise and making him realise he can do it. He was happy going to chat with Anne which helped. She’s brilliant with people and really enthusiastic and gets the best out in people. She’s warm and compassionate towards people. She doesn’t judge people which is great as for me as a parent I felt embarrassed that my son wasn’t behaving at school.  My son really enjoyed her sessions. I would highly recommend going to Anne."


"Anne really helped me to overcome a very stressful period when I was feeling unsettled at school.  In a short amount of time Anne taught me techniques to deal with the strong emotions I was experiencing and I was able to make changes to improve the way I felt and how I handled situations. I’m now aware of my triggers and they don’t bother me anymore because I know how to deal with any negative feelings. I’ve been able to make changes in my life to be more balanced and know my limits."

College Student, 16 years old 


"We feel very fortunate to know Anne having had to call on her recently to help our 17 year old overcome several issues which were causing anxiety for some time.  Seeing how upset my son was, I knew we had to take action and there was no hesitation in contacting  Anne as I knew from previous occasions when she helped our son several years ago, that she could help him resolve his issues. Anne instinctively works out what is troubling a person.  She makes you see things so differently and brings a sense of calmness so you stop feeling overwhelmed. After the recent visit, our son seemed to have a weight lifted from his shoulders and we are taking one day at a time for now and for him to know that Anne is close by and will always assist is just such a Godsend. We are truly blessed to know Anne and for all the good work she does - there are few words that can do her justice in how much she can turn around a person's life."


"Anne was really kind and supportive when I first met her. I was initially a bit worried about how the course would go but Anne really helped me and I felt really comfortable talking to her about the challenges of my school life. I found her coaching approach very useful and it really helped me improve my behaviour and control my anger at school. Anne was able to help me work out solutions to solve my problems and she really gave me some great advice on how I can do things differently to change my behaviour. Overall, I really enjoyed the course; Anne has been very helpful as a Coach and I am very grateful!"

Colm, Year 11

"Anne Nola has been an asset to the Coaches’ team on the Coaching for Success programme, delivered by Grit in partnership with Ark Elvin Academy.  Anne is a pleasure to work with, communicating efficiently and effectively with the Grit team and the school – she is warm, understanding and organised.  Anne is committed, driven and clearly passionate about supporting young people and this was very evident when she completed with her students at the celebration day in December 2018.  One student of hers showed particular improvement in focus levels and his detention number decreased.  I am confident Anne had a part to play in this development and I would not think twice about recruiting Anne again on one of our programmes". 

Sarah Harris

Operations Manager, Grit Programme


"I found the Grit coaching programme really interesting. At first, I was unsure of how it would help me improve my school results and my behaviour in class but when I met my Performance Coach, Anne, things changed. Anne helped me identify my passion in life, basketball, and motivated me to join a team. As a result, I developed myself massively and managed to get back on track with my studies. Anne drew a clever comparison between what is expected of me to succeed at basketball with what is expected of me to succeed at school. I really recommend Anne, she is great!" 


Ark Elvin Academy Student Year 10


"I appreciate Anne's help and am really grateful for the amount of time she invested in me over the 6-month-volunteering Grit Programme. Her coaching has helped me manage my anger and become a better person as a result. I feel much more equipped to perform at my GCSEs. Thank you."


Ark Elvin Academy Student Year 11

"We used Anne as a Confidence Coach for our 10-year-old after suffering from ongoing friendship issues at school. The difference in her self-confidence was noticeable to many and was commented upon by teachers, grandparents and others, most of whom had no idea she was having confidence coaching. Thank you, Anne 😊."





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