Bring out the Confident You!

"Each time we face our fear we gain strength, courage and confidence in the doing" - Theodore Roosevelt

Coaching is about action, achievement and solving problems

Coaching is a positive and pro-active process

Coaching gets great results in the shortest time possible

Areas I can help you with ...

Confidence (Low Self-Confidence/SELF-DOUBT /Guilt/Fear/Anxiety)

Parenting Issues with Tweens and Teens

Health (EMOTIONAL EATING/Body Image/Well-being/Exercise/ Healthy Eating)

Getting back into shape and into work after having children

As Your Coach I will...

  • Make sure we are right for each other, and if not, I can recommend other great Coaches.

  • Listen to you very carefully.

  • Positively affirm the principles of coaching – confidentiality, being non- judgemental, explaining and asking permission to use a particular technique or exercise to motivate you or raise awareness.

  • Elicit the limiting beliefs that may inhibit your progress.

  • Challenge your comfort zone in a way that works for you.

  • Watch for dips in motivation, and boost your confidence.

  • Support you to develop a plan of action, re-assess it for each session and to check you are still on track to achieve your overall goal.

  • Set you a simple homework task after each session to keep you focused.

  • Offer you e-mail support between sessions.

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Why have Coaching?

  • Being really listened to by a non-judgemental and objective partner, someone who can unfold the journey with you

  • Identifying and overcoming your negative beliefs and self-doubts, freeing you to ‘be the person you always wanted to be’

  • Learning tools and techniques, including Mindfulness, to calm your negative beliefs and give you clarity

  • Build your confidence and courage to step forward to get what you want

  • Become comfortable and happy with your authentic self

My coaching process involves challenging your thinking and negative behaviours. Coaching can be enlightening but it will stretch your imagination and take you out of your comfort zone, however it's also exciting, inspiring and great fun!


Is Coaching the same as Counselling?

Counselling is a talking therapy focused on understanding and healing possible traumatic events from your past so you can move forwards. Coaching is focused on what is happening for you right now and how you can achieve what you want in the future, we may delve a little bit into any past challenges you may have but we won't dwell on any past negativity, rather we will focus on creating an exciting path to move forwards. 

What happens in a Session?

In our initial free Discovery Talk, you will get the opportunity to experience my coaching style, discuss any issues you would like to change and ask questions.

The number and length of sessions will depend on the programme you choose and your needs. The sessions which are totally confidential, will be based around a series of questions and the use of some interesting exercises.  You will have tools to take away and implement in your everyday life in order to create new, healthy habits. 

How much is Coaching?

This depends on the option you choose, please go to Services & Prices for rates.

"Successful & unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desire to reach their potential"

John Maxwell

From £90

"Don't worry that children never listen to you, worry that they are always watching you"

Robert Iulghum

From £90

"Nurturing yourself is not selfish, it's essential to your survival and well-being" Renee Peterson Trudeau

From £50



& Soul

"Having attended one on Anne's workshops I feel she gave me the boost I needed to kick-start my business"

Emma Mitchel

From £110