"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

Mahatma Gandhi

Primary food is more than what is on your plate. Healthy relationships, regular physical activitya fulfilling career or life, and/or a spiritual practice can fill your soul and satisfy your hunger for life. When primary food is balanced and satiating, your life feeds you, making what you eat secondary. But what is primary food?

Remember when, as a child, you were playing outside, having fun? Suddenly, your mother announced dinner was ready, but you were not hungry at all. The passion of play took all your attention.

Sometimes we are fed not by food but by the energy in our lives. These moments and feelings demonstrate that everything is food.

You do Matter ...

As a mum, how amazing would it feel to take some “me time”, guilt-free? And yet, how many of us can genuinely say putting their needs first is part of their daily life? I did not! And for years, I put everyone's else needs first because I convinced my self that if they were happy, that would be enough to make me happy. 


When was the last time you took some time off to do something for yourself such as exercising, going shopping, having lunch with a friend or reading a book, simply because you felt like it? I don’t know about you but since I’ve had my two children (they are now 15 and 13 years old), those occurrences have happened seldom. What is stopping so many mums from staying the same woman they were before children? I call it the G spot (G for Guilt, of course!). That negative, spiraling feeling always made me move away from the fun activities I used to enjoy before I had my children simply because I kept telling myself I would be a terribly selfish mum allowing myself some “me time”. After all, they matter more than me, don’t they?!

Well, would you like the good news or the good news? YOU can turn this situation around by taking few simple steps to stop the guilt and bounce back to fulfilment and happiness whilst being a great mum!

The 1st step is: Identify your own values (what defines you as an individual, what makes you the person you are no matter what!). Some of my key values are tolerance, integrity, fun, empathy and health conscious. Write your values down on a post-it and stick them on your fridge. Acknowledge them and embrace them. From now on, be proud of them and not ashamed of them! And more importantly, meet them as often as you can! The 2nd step: is embrace healthy eating as part of your daily life. Your body is an amazing machine, it surely deserves some TLC! Being French, eating well is a default mechanism. Having said that, like everyone else, I looooooove chocolate and crisps but I know they do nothing for my health (physically and mentally by the way!). All I know is that I feel on top of the world when I exercise and eat healthily and really down and disappointed with myself when I eat junk food so whenever I feel like eating some rubbish I ask myself which one will benefit me most!  


Go on, put yourself first for once and bounce back to health! On Sunday 4th February 2018, I put my needs for a challenge first and stepped out of my comfort zone by completing the

Watford Half Marathon for the first time ever. I did this again on September 16th to complete the Harrow Half-Marathon. Those were achieved through pure determination and self-belief. I am really proud of myself so let me help you be proud of yourself too!



  • Identify how your negative thoughts control your life and put a stop to this process

  • Explore the emotions behind such triggers and identify which of your needs are not met

  • Find the right balance between meeting your needs and the ones of your loved ones, guilt-free

  • Explore healthy options that will "comfort" your feelings and emotions

  • Make it a healthy lifestyle not a diet!


Areas I can help you with...

  • Safely stepping out of your comfort zone to try something new and exciting (just for yourself)

  • Removing the guilt that has stopped you from achieving what truly matters to you

  • Building your self-confidence and self-esteem to stop being a people pleaser 

  • Being the true role model you want your loved ones to aspire to by gaining assertiveness

  • Practising fun and powerful coaching tools that will keep your level of self-belief up long term

Whatever the reasons behind your need for a change, you and your entourage will benefit from the new You so put yourself first for once and contact me today for your free discovery call!


You Matter programme prices  (one to one)


  • This 6-session-programme, on a one to one basis, is designed to help you put your needs first!

  • X1 90 minute session to identify your negative thought triggers and explore how they impact on your moods 

  • X5 90 minute coaching sessions carried out fortnightly (outdoor, active sessions & Mindfulness, weather permitting!) with the help of powerful tools and exercises to identify the goals that matter to you

  • X2  30-minute follow-up calls or Skype between sessions to keep your levels of motivation high

  • X1 30 minute review session to assess your progress and discuss what steps to take to keep it up

  • Email support throughout


  • You can make immediate changes

  • Bounce back to health and to feeling confident

  • You will have clear direction, goal and motivation


  • The “You Matter” Package costs £480 (instead of £550, a discount of £70) - Couple or group coaching available, please inquire here for rates

  • The "You Matter!" 12-session package (for a dig deeper and life changing result!) costs £960 (instead of  £1,100, discount of £140)

Happy Customers

Anne's positive disposition made it possible for me to see what I had to do to get my self-confidence back on track and helped me become aware of what I could realistically do. I often felt I only was on this planet to please others, forgetting what truly mattered to me. Anne made each session easy and fun but yet very powerful for me and the results remain valid for me ever since. I now realise that I also matter and enjoy doing things for myself!

Frederique Patterson

My sessions with Anne were always encouraging and positive. 

She was always patient, kind and very generous with her time.

Anne helped me realise that I didn't have to be bottom of my list of priorities and that doing something for myself was beneficial to me and my family. Moving forward, I am putting what I have learned into practice 

and I am happy to say that I am no longer at the bottom of the list!!


Menopausal Mum

When I first met Anne, I could not see the wood from the trees. Anne helped me set my goals (to get back to exercise and lose weight) and supported me to be able to achieve them.  She really made me feel I also had a voice and should not always focus on others' needs. Throughout the coaching, she was very kind and encouraging, which kept my motivation high. I cannot thank her enough.

Henry Higgins

I found that having a clear goal when using Anne's coaching services to be really helpful. Being able to focus one one topic was something I would not have done by myself. I was able to consider various options and choose ways forward that were achievable and consequently rewarding. I have sustained the positive results.

Kath, grandma of 4

After having my children, I started doubting myself so much that I felt it didn't matter whether I kept fit or not. A friend recommended I contacted Anne for health coaching. During our sessions, Anne made me feel very comfortable, never judged me and always praised me for every little achievement. Through the regular contact I had with Anne between sessions, I managed to keep my level of motivation high and I am now exercising three times a week and have lost the weight and maintained my new healthy weight. Apart from benefiting from it so much myself, I know I am a great role model to my girls too!

Susan, mother of 2 girls

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