"Don't worry that children never listen to you, worry that they are always watching you"

Robert Iulghum

What is Parent Coaching...

We all make resolutions and promises to change. Parents say “I’m going to stop shouting and nagging” or “If only I could just trust my teenager” but how often do these ideals or goals really last? Reading parenting books and talking with friends and family can be helpful, but what do you need to do to really make the changes you want as a parent and feel your confidence grow? Once you have achieved this, have you thought of the impact you will then have on your child as a role model? Their own confidence and self-esteem will increase dramatically!

As your Parent Coach, I will work with you to identify what you want to achieve and then support you to reach your goals and overcome obstacles along the way.

  • Confidence
    How to be positive about your ability to be a parent

  • Anxious parents
    Is my child OK? Am I OK? How to calm down, gain perspective

  • Parenting styles Clash!
    What kind of parent are you? Is your partner the same or is there a clash of styles and behaviour?

  • Relationship with child
    My child drives me mad, not sure I’m coping

  • Sweet Tweens and Teens
    Teenagers' issues:Trust, sex, drugs, alcohol, friends, money, work, attitude

  • Schools
    Bullying, homework, teachers

  • Peer pressure
    Worries about friends

  • Food & health
    Your child is an emotional eater and/or refuses to do any exercise

Happy Parenting programme Prices

  • we will work together on a one to one basis on building your confidence as a parent

  • 1x 90 minute session (to choose from): Visit to your house to meet up all family members and discover your story or elicit your driving core values and challenge limiting beliefs to empower you to achieve your goal

  • X5 60 minute sessions carried out fortnightly with the help of powerful tools and exercises

  • X5 15 minute follow-up calls or Skype between sessions to keep your level of motivation high and discuss your progress or any questions you may have

  • Email support throughout

  • X1 30 minute review session to assess your progress and discuss what steps to take to keep it up


  • you will be motivated by me on a weekly basis for 3 months

  • you will receive over 9 hours of coaching/dedicated time

  • you will have clear direction, goals and motivation 


  • The “Happy Parenting!” Package costs £465 (instead of £510, discount of £45) - Couple coaching also available, please inquire here for rates

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Happy Customers

Anne has natural skills to listen to others with compassion and helped me discover how my limiting beliefs had been impacting negatively on my self-confidence. Anne challenged such beliefs with kindness and respect and I am now the confident parent I have always aspired to be.

Sophie, mum of 2 girls, aged 7 & 9

Anne really helped me re-discover my confidence as a mum. The combination of encouragement and practical tips enabled me to come out of one of those sticky patches that we seem to all go through as parents.

Nicole, mum of two teens ages 13 & 16

I was unsure how I would feel about working with someone I didn’t know, but you have made me feel at ease and relaxed. The sessions have helped me to become more aware and see what I want and how to move towards achieving it.

Carl, dad of 2 boys ages 4 & 7

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