What is Reflexology ...

Dating back to the Ancient Egyptians, the healing practice of Reflexology is one of the most popular and effective complementary health treatments you can experience. This relaxing alternative therapy is designed to help people of all ages. Babies, toddlers, young children, adolescents, adults and even the elderly can all benefit from regular Reflexology sessions .

By stimulating reflexes on the feet, Reflexology encourages the body to restore its own healthy balance (a process known as Homeostasis). This helps to alleviate common issues such as:  


  • Stress & Anxiety          

  • Back Pain         

  • Migraines & Headaches         

  • Sleep Disorder         

  • Digestive Problems                            

  • Circulatory Problems 

  • Menopausal Symptoms

  • Hormonal Imbalances 

  • Fertility Issues   

With increasing levels of stress in everyday life, it is essential for people to realise the detrimental effect this has on their mind and body. Reflexology can fit into a busy lifestyle and can easily be part of an individual’s coping strategy, resulting in increased well being.

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-3 X 1 hour of reflexology to restore your hormonal balance and help you control your emotions better, providing  you the clarity you need to focus on your mind and body's essential needs

- 1 X 1.5 hour introductory coaching session. We will design a bespoke programme to help you achieve your goal and review what areas of your life/work need improving

- 1 X 1 hour coaching to boost your self-belief and challenge the limiting beliefs that interfere with your aspirations (we will be using very powerful coaching tools and techniques that you will be able to carry on having access to even after the coaching is over)

- In between sessions, 3 X (15-min) calls to keep your level of motivation high through praise and awareness of your progress

- Email or WhatsApp support throughout to share your achievements

The "Body & Mind Combo” Package costs £420 (instead of £500, discount of £80) - Couple coaching also available, please enquire here for rates

Happy Customers

Before I met Anne, I was sceptical about reflexology and other "holistic therapies" but was converted after the first session 3 years ago. I can really feel the benefits afterwards, and it’s such a relaxing sleep-inducing treatment to have!  I highly recommend Anne Nola, not only for the quality of her services and treatments but also for her friendly, warm and caring personality - it really is a joy to be treated by her!

Hiral Patel

"Thank you for the great reflexology sessions. I was rather sceptical before-hand about the benefits of the reflexology treatments. However,  your magic hands and wise words of advice  have really started the healing process and got me back onto the path of recovery with what  were at the time very painful feet".

Graham Souster

I regularly have an hour long Reflexology session with Anne and look forward to them very much, as a lovely relaxing time out of my week.  Anne herself is very calming and warm, and any requests like an extra pillow under your legs, or a tissue, glass of water etc, never seem to be too much bother for her.  I’d highly recommend both Anne and reflexology as a great way to relax and de-stress, especially if you are pregnant.

Vanessa Kristensen

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