Being diagnosed with a chronic long term illness is a loss in itself, the loss of health. This, in turn, can lead to many other small losses which may feel hard to take. Accepting the limits which may have been enforced on you by a chronic condition is key to rebuilding your life successfully. Without this, you could spend so much time and energy wishing it were different or fighting your condition. I write this with a wry smile on my face. Why? Because I have personal experience of this and I know how difficult that can be. There are times when it is easier than others to create a meaningful and fulfilling life, despite your limitations, but it can be done. I helped my mum rebuild her life after breast cancer, taking little steps towards healthy living, exercise, fun activities and more importantly... towards the hope of staying healthy. 20 years on, she is fitter and stronger than ever!

Coaching can help:

  • Support you as you work through the feelings and emotions associated with your loss of health.

  • Provide someone non-judgemental to listen to how you are feeling and coping. This can be especially valuable if you have been affected for a long time and you feel you can no longer bring it into conversation with family and friends.

  • Work with you to move your focus onto what you are still able to do, rather than what you have lost.

  • Work with you to identify and pursue new interests which will give you a sense of purpose and meaning to help you get your life back on track. Even though you may not be as physically active as you once were there are still many interesting hobbies out there to get involved in.

  • Provide encouragement and also accountability as you start taking the steps needed to move forward with your life.

I am caring and compassionate and love the work I do. I especially enjoy the moment when I see a client shift from being stuck to finding an exciting vision of the future. Once the energy taken to hold onto the past has been freed, my clients are able to open up to opportunities to design a life they love. I saw it first with my mum when she was recovering from breast cancer and have seen had the pleasure of experiencing with numerous private clients.

Would you like to discover what makes your heart sing and take the steps required to rebuild your life? Then contact me for Life Coaching services to help you make peace with your past and step confidently into the future.

My own journey through life has not always been straight forward, managing the conflicts of working life and looking after my two children (15 and 13). Helping my mum to get back on track with life after breast cancer and finding the motivation and inspiration to keep going after losing my dad to bladder cancer in 2016.




I currently deliver my "Journey to Hope" workshops in a local private Mental Health Unit on a two-monthly basis. The clients I coach are either recovering from a long-term illness, trauma, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, self-harming or depression. All participants sit comfortably in the room and feel reassured that the sessions are confidential, non-judgmental and positive. Being able to share their own experiences in a safe environment makes all the difference. My role is to empower them to set themselves realistic goals and help them work on an action plan to achieve such goals. 


I am an Associate Member of the Association for Coaching and operate in accordance with the Association's Code of Ethics and Good Practice for ethical competent and effective practice.

"I have battled with my weight for years, not realising why I had the urge to eat more than my body needed. Anne’s “You Matter Workshop" has helped me explore why I have always needed to please people and sacrifice my own needs in the process and gave me the tools to turn things around so that I could start focusing on my own goals again. I do not feel guilty expressing my feelings anymore. 

Melissa, Administrator

"My health and fitness regime was non-existent as I spent all the time and energy I had focusing on my children's needs:  I needed guidance and focus to work towards a realistic healthier lifestyle that worked for me. Anne was recommended to me by a friend who raved about her. Her calm, caring, professional nature and task-related exercises encouraged me to work step by step and focused towards my healthy goals. Anne’s coaching method showed me how to break down a huge goal into small, achievable targets. I’m losing weight, feeling better and most importantly, have a positive outlook thanks to Anne’s coaching.” Karen, Teaching Assistant

Your journey is ongoing ...

At the end of the workshops clients are always welcome to come back for one-to-one Booster Sessions to explore themselves further or help put what they've learnt into practice.  Boosters sessions are £80 for 90 minutes.