• Do you feel not good enough; comparing yourself to others and feeling everyone is better than you?

  • Do you find making decisions difficult, fear rejection, failure…or even success?

  • Do you overthink situations, procrastinate, get torn with worry and anxiety and find it difficult to be organised and methodical at work?

  • Are you in a job you no longer enjoy but lack the confidence to change?

  • Are you struggling to get back into your work after having had children?

  • Do you lack the confidence to reach your full potential in your current job?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed at the prospect of looking for a job at the end of your studies?

  • Gain understanding of your confidence issues and causes

  • Challenge your self-doubts and negative beliefs

  • Change your mindset to believe in yourself and build your self-worth

  • Gain the courage to speak up and take risks

  • Learn techniques and tips to boost your confidence in every situation

On this "Love your Work" Workshop you will learn how to be in a confident state of mind, trusting yourself rather than relying on the approval of others. All that you learn on the "Love your Work" Workshop can be applied to any aspect of your work and also your home life.

  • My programme is structured to cover the key issues that clients wanting to be more confident at work need to explore. However, I also tailor it to fit your individual needs and issues.

  • It is held in a relaxing, homely and trusting environment with a small group of up to 5 people so that everyone feels comfortable and gets the best from the "Love your Work" Workshop.

  • Complimentary light refreshments are served at break times (2 x 15mins).

  • And just for you, I will add my enthusiasm, support, a nudge of challenge and a pinch of humour!

  • The workshop is held over two separate sessions (2 x 4 hours).

    • Workshop A (Foundation)

      • Clarify what confidence at work really means to you

      • Recognise and tackle the obstacles and barriers to you being confident

      • Establish what coaching is and how it can help boost your self-confidence

      • Focus on your own achievements and stop comparing yourself to others

      • Work with coaching tools to map out your work goals

        Introspection: The time between the two sessions will allow you to apply your learning and reflect on the progress you are making when using the tools and techniques from the workshop

    • Workshop B (Execution)

      • Live coaching demo -Select one real, current work issue on which you are prepared to work, with a view to improving your ‘performance’ in this area

      • Analyse the three coaching zones (comfort/stretch/panic zones) and build the confidence to step into your "stretch zone" for work purposes

      • Build the confidence to speak in public and put your message across

      • Learn techniques to keep the motivation and strong self-belief long-term















This "Love your Work" Workshop is about you becoming more confident at work and how to break that spiral of negativity that interferes with your goal.


  • £ 260 for the Foundation Workshop, £490 instead of £520 for both workshops (Early bird – Book and full payment 30 days in advance and save £20: £230 only for the Foundation Workshop or £450 for both workshops)

  • To secure your place, full payment must be received at least 1 week prior to the start of the Workshops

“Anne supported me when I struggled on returning to work after having my children. Her calm and supportive coaching style created a safe place where I could share my deep self-doubts and learn not to take everything personally. She always asked the right question at the right time and I really felt my confidence growing during and as a result of our sessions.” Sofia, Self-employed

“Improving my confidence at work, with techniques to deal with situations where I let my self-doubts get the better of me. In the short time working with you I’ve learnt how to speak out in group meetings, get my point across so I’m heard and how to react to different personality types. I’ve noticed real results with the techniques you gave me and I’m well on my journey to becoming more assertive.” Amanda, Project Manager

Your journey is ongoing ...

At the end of the workshops clients are always welcome to come back for one-to-one Booster Sessions to explore themselves further or help put what they've learnt into practice.  Boosters sessions are £80 for 90 minutes.